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We will be playing the Star Spangled banner and a preshow performance at the Kenosha Kingfish Game! COME CHECK US OUT!

This is a stand still performance, where students will be able to use stands and their music! We will be doing a Pre-Show, and then stay for the game together (staying is not required, you can also arrange a carpool for your child)! Please do not forget, there is equipment that must be moved! PLEASE HELP!

We will meet at the field no later then 6pm, outside the gate. There, you will receive your tickets. The musicians will be wearing our CYO shirts, from any year, and dark bottoms with tennis shoes. The Guard uniforms are still being discussed.  

I need to know how many family members you would like to have attend. The CYO will pay for all performers tickets, but family members must pay $14 to join us (this is more then last year, I tried to negotiate).

Please let me know ASAP how many additional tickets you will need for the game! The deadline for ticket numbers and payment is the end of band camp. (if you have a scheduling conflict, please just let me know!)

If your family has season tickets, you can turn your ticket in for that game, and get a ticket for another, so you can sit with our group!


Please email with any questions!