About us

Led by Katherine Easton, the CYO provides Beginner Band, Cadet Band, Concert Band, Marching Band, and Lessons for musicians in grade 4 through age 21.


The CYO Emerald Knights Band and Guard has been an institution in Kenosha since the group was formed in 1939 under the direction of Peter Niccolai. The organization provides individualized lessons and large group rehearsals for private, public and home school students in grades 4-12. In addition to the beginner band program, various levels of concert bands are offered for returning students as well as a summer marching band opportunity. The Emerald Knights Marching Band has performed in Wisconsin, Illinois, Michigan, Colorado, Florida, Texas and Wyoming. In 2008 the band traveled to Italy and performed in the Vatican City on New Years Day 2009. More recently, we’ve visited Minnesota and Ohio.