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The CYO Music Program offers music education for woodwind, brass, percussionists in grades 4 and up. We meet the growing need for continuous music education and performance opportunities. We also strengthen the skills and joys of music in a highly supportive group.

Quality music programs and ensembles are critical and essential to the development of youth and an important part of a comprehensive education.

Participation in this education and performance group develops more than just valuable musical skills and creativity it develops higher order thinking, problem-solving abilities, motivation to learn, commitment, teamwork and leadership skills.

With so many challenges facing youth, this group helps to enhance musical opportunities in a positive and safe program.

Who can join?
Public, private and home schooled children in grades four and up are eligible for membership in the CYO Band. We have programs for both new and accomplished musicians who are ready to commit to regular practice and rehearsals.

Now is your chance to join!

2015-2016 Registration Form– please download, print and return this registration form to enroll in classes for this Fall!